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October 03, 2005



If it's any solace I've tried to climb into this Leo character for his lies about South African AIDS matters.

Whether anyone notices it at this late stage or if the comment will be allowed to stand is another matter entirely.


Hoo boy, that thread is sickening. And it looks like your comment was just of time, Wayne. Too bad.


Thanks for the support though BarBar. I wheeled out my former online forum flame war mentality and ploughed back into them.

I unfortunately don't expect to convince idiots like Leo, this 'Somali' and others including this fellow South African based wanker (sorry for the swearing Abiola) Anthony Brink (who incidentally links to the Rath Foundation - a disgraced AIDS-denialist institution that the local media went into a frenzy about). But I do hope to convince one or more unsure libertarians reading that tripe to the contrary.

If I can also get some cognitive dissodance going in the denialists heads, or distract them then I'll take that.

However I'm also disgusted by Reason after this encounter. Further, what the heck is going on with the right online? Rubbish like AIDS-denial, creationism/intelligent design and uneducated environmental change denial seem to becoming more and more ingrained.

Abiola Lapite

"Further, what the heck is going on with the right online?"

The best explanation I can come up with is that these are all manifestations of the increasing popularity of "faith-based" thinking, i.e., if you only believe something strongly enough, it's bound to become true.


[...Further, what the heck is going on with the right online?...]

The disease is that peculiar form of Intellectual Juvenility that causes people to mistake the bold, the brave and the risque for the truth. If it is "against popular opinion", against "common sense", against "established orthodoxy" and above all, against the "mainstream media controlled liberal politically correct leftist institutions of modern America" then it must be the truth.

That wild drug of Political Incorrectness has turned the right crazy, sent them into whoops of ecstasy and given us such gems as "In Defense of Internment", "Treason", "Climate of Fear" and "A Politically Incorrect Guide to American History", as well as all the "h-bd" research out there.

Conservatives are substituting reason for persecution (real or imaginary) as the basis for legitimacy.

There is no better way to get your ideas out there if you are some lame-o conservative than to claim that evil forces are trying to suppress you. In the addled minds of today's rightists, this automatically means that you are worth listening to.

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