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October 28, 2005



this looks suspiciously to me as if these "markers" are good at defining racial groups in-sample, but not so good at predicting group membership out of sample. Which would imply that what we're seeing with "HapMap" is just the projection of a small number of vectors onto a big multidimensional dataset.


I thought you might be interested in what this editorial has to say about Derbyshire's National Review column:

Abiola Lapite

Aaron, thanks for the pointer - a very good article. I find the following particularly passage amusing.

"The author of the article (John Derbyshire) calls himself "a simple Darwinian rightist"."

They don't make the obvious correction, but I will: where Derbyshire used the word "simple", he ought to have substituted "simple-minded", or perhaps he meant "simple" in the "Simple Simon" sense, in which case he is undoubtedly correct.

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