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October 19, 2005


Dan Phillips

Very nice. Algorithmically this is the same as the "pile" filing system (i.e. just put every document in a pile). But where the pile filing system is often seen to be morally deficient (because it's lazy), Noguchi has seen laziness as a virtue, and improved it with the use of the envelopes.


There is a story of a tea master who told his student to put the garden in order. The student picked up the rake and raked the leaves off the path and was going to start in on the moss lawn when the master stopped and told him to do it right this time, so the student raked the path again. And again. And again. The master gave up, grabbed the rake out of his hand and with his other hand reached up and shook a branch of the Japanese maple overhead, which sent down a shower of red and orange leaves. "There! Now it's in order!"

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