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July 01, 2005



Just checking and do feel free to delete this comment if impertinent, but you do also understand the important argument in logic that is implicit in this dialogue, don't you?

Abiola Lapite

I'm taking it for granted that you aren't talking about something as trivial as recognizing modus ponens when I see it; If you're referring to "Carroll's Paradox" (which I don't consider a "paradox" at all), of *course* I do, which is why I linked to the Wikipedia article.

PS: To expand on why I don't consider this to be a paradox, let me add that all Carroll really shows is that inference rules can't be codified as well-formed formulas, but must be taken as givens from the outset; in other words, you can't justify modus ponens from *within* the system without using modus ponens.

Timothy J Scriven

Have you read Russell's response to the paradox in principa mathematica?

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