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July 13, 2005



Here is Feynman on the subject, years ago. There is room at the bottom:


Sure there's plenty of room at the bottom, but "plenty" isn't "infinite", and it doesn't take more than a few generations of doubling to make that plenty seem pretty cramped. The point of looking at the fundamental limits set by the laws of physics is that no new idea, however clever, can evade them: for instance, neither nanotechnology nor quantum computing will enable us to surpass the storage density restrictions imposed by the Bekenstein bound.

Mitch by the laws of physics that we -currently- know. It doesn't seem likely to me, but there's still that possibility.

Russell L. Carter

Rather than density or speed, most transhumanist singularity types project their /hopes|fears/ onto emergent phenomena arising in complex networks. This might not need individual node power or link bandwidth any higher than present. I personally think it unlikely because of bugs. When somebody demonstrates a millions of loc program that can figure out on its own how to fix a bug provoked by unpredicted input, I might begin to worry a bit.

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