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June 20, 2005



Well, I'm in Poland right now and I don't see this 'angry rhetoric' nor do I hear it from people I talk to. If anything there's general support for Britain - of course that could be just due to the kind of folks I talk to. The newsmagazine 'Wprost' (right of center), the 'Polityka' (left of center) and the Polish Newsweek all ran editorials essentially along the lines of 'we're willing to give up the ag subsidies if we don't have to implement Franco-German labor market policies'.

In regard to Gazeta Wyborcza though I'm not surprised since it's generally a pro-Franco-German economic model with a heavy dose of paternalism type newspaper.

The Rzeczpospolita quote might be out of context or guest opinion or something (I'll check) because it's usually a fairly liberal (in the European sense) newspaper.

I think maybe the Brits (especially the Telegraph) are being a bit paranoid.

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