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June 30, 2005



>It's interesting how often literary and mathematical talent are to be found under the same roof.

Usually it's a roof with a lot of money under it :-)

gene berman

dsquared: is the "d" for dope?

Abiola Lapite

"Usually it's a roof with a lot of money under it :-)"

Hmm, I wouldn't know about that; mathematicians don't make a lot of money (unless they're quants in finance).


The young stud rebel is now just a tired old target. It must suck to be Mailer.

J. Ellenberg

Come on, Abiola, we make a lot of money by any reasonable standard.


Mailer's full of shit! Kakutani called Alice Walker's novel 'Now Is The Time To Open Your Heart' a 'remarkably awful compendium of inanities'.

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