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May 01, 2005


Dan Phillips

See also Stephen J. Cannell on the three-act play:

He claims that "Every great movie, book or play that has stood the test of time has a solid Three-Act structure." He certainly has written a lot of successful television. I guess it could be called "pulp TV". Here's his IMDB page:

Abiola Lapite


Muchas gracias for the link. Stephen Cannell does indeed seem to know what he's talking about: it's fascinating to apply what he has to say to popular television series and see just how closely they adhere to the formula he lays out. Of course, this advice doesn't cover the all-important issue of characterization - I think insufficient or inconsistent character development is what kills the majority of shows which get past the pilot stage - but just getting the dramatic pacing right is challenge enough in itself, and on this what he has to say is quite apposite.

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