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April 13, 2005



"The parliament also voted to maintain its travel allowance scheme. By buying cheaper fares in advance, or using budget airlines, a British MEP could easily make up to £500 profit in a week."
Erm that's a business expense, if you want MEPs to do a crappy job then giving them crappy resources (in this case travel expenses) is going to get that result. It's not like Europe is so poor that airfares are a crushing burden.
The other stuff I agree looks like a rort, prolly the solution here is to eliminate the loop hole by just giving them a 664 pound monthly addition to their pensions. Hmm it's hardly a great amount of money, my super is about a quarter of it.

Abiola Lapite

It's only a "business expense" if you actually *spend* it; claiming expenses one hasn't shelled out for is fraud, pure and simple, and it doesn't matter whether or not it amounts to a "crushing burden."


Is this the same parliament where, when numerous lawmakers were caught on film repeatedly signing the attendance allowance register early in the day and then bunking the rest, it proceeded to vote that the press be banned from ever seeing the register again?


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