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March 01, 2005



I think it's only fair to point out that Gene's characterisation of the Counterpunch article is not, in my opinion, accurate.

Mrs Tilton

Whilst I agree in principle with your dislike of Germany's limitation on free speech for nazis, strict adherence to principle isn't always necessarily for the best. So long as the victims, perpetrators and bystanders of the nazi era remain a living memory, I can see the point in swatting nazi propaganda down hard. If German law still does this a century on, I might have to do a rethink.


I wish (as ever) that people would stop focusing on the Jews. Zundel is quite the white-power, anti-"non-European"-immigration kook, Jews aside. Some of his minions crippled an East Indian immigrant in Toronto a few years back. Several other physical attacks on anti-racism activists were rumoured to be his, when I was in the know about these things.

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