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February 18, 2005



hay i donot think that syria is responsible for the assasination of R.hariri, cause we can see that there was 2 same kinds of bombing was doned in several places .overmore no one had talked about the assasination of the 4 judjes in saida ! is it america ? knowing that syria donot have such kind of bombs . other wise hariri is a man that own the 2nd sufficant kind of defficancy means aginst such strikes ... so would a country like syria ......kill al hariri .and finally we need just the truth not a civil war.


I think that this question should be divided into 3 questions namely who, why, and how!
The 'how' question is indisputably explained on this site: so please let us spear everybody the hassle of 'imagining' it happened otherwise.
Having said that (and i hope that 'most' of the readers got convinced) we tackle the why question.
Killing Hariri may sound beneficial for the Lebanese opposition, the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia and least likely Syria.
The Lebanese Opposition may be accused because they hurried to accuse Syria for murder and organised the logistics of the gathering right after the act.
The US 'might' sound accused because they got fed up with Syrian interference in building the momentum for a civil war Iraq.
Israel is accused by default (go to File -> Options -> Accusations and you'll find out that it's greyed out so you can't deselect it)
Saudi Arabia can be accused of trying to take down the Syrian Baath (ex-communist ideology not based on religion or on Islam) regime in order to re-surround the shiaa arch that is forming in the new Great Middle East that is being built. Note that most of the oil rich side of Saudi Arabia is mainly a shiaa region spanning from Kuwait, Dammam, UAE etc…and the shiaa arch is builing up day after day, threatening the future of the kingdom itself.

Unfortunately, none of these regimes can be put in the accusation box since there are so many unknown variables that surround the plot that renders the end results of the act very un-predictable and least likely beneficial to the plotting party. But whoever killed Hariri is greatly thanked by all of those regimes.

Having put aside the conspiracy premise, this takes us back to thinking that the act was made without and thorough plotting, in a desperate move to keep things under control, by some Inexperienced charismatic Syrian intelligence officer, who does not have a strategic planning team and who simply makes undisputable decisions --the Saddam Hussein way. One can feel this theory in the latest speech of the Syrian President Bashar el Assad in the Parliament last week, saying ‘We admit that we made large mistakes in Lebanon, and we truly apologise to the people of Lebanon’- in reference to the acts that might have been done by the supreme ‘governor’ of Lebanon General Rustum Ghazeleh and his micro-team.

No matter how the Syrian government swings now, it’ll always be seen as guilty, especially after giving its public haters the stick to hit her. Saudi Arabia threatens Syria of unilateral economic sanctions if it doesn’t dismantle (and hence politically suicide) its bases in Lebanon, the US insists on Syrians not interfering in Iraq (and hence letting the long awaited shiaa arche pass right next to its borders), Israel is passing in some public comments about the possibility of signing a seperate peace treaty with Lebanon (rendering the syrian-israeli dispute over the Golan heights indefinitely open) , not to mention other countries feeling the interest in a weaker day after day Syria.

I personally used to defend Syria for a long time, until I started feeling that the leading team over there is simply a bunch lousy strategic planners who can't be given the responsibility of leading their country. I started reading 'Syria' as the bad student in the region after i started feeling, as a moderate Lebanese person, the heavy economic weight they are posing day after day on us –with reference to the unfair laws that they obliged Lebanese lawmakers to make to help the Syrian economy--, after I noticed that most of the educated generation of the country fled away due to the Syrian made law of military service – go out of Lebanon for 5 years and you’ll be free of your military duty service-, after I noticed that most of those who fled Lebanon don’t actually have the right of voting in the consulate of the country who accepted them –due to a ridiculous old law that the Syrians struggled to maintain--, after noticing that repeating spectacular inflation rates rendered the average Lebanese person unable to get the minimum for his family: education, after noticing that the only way young Lebanese girls had to cope with this changing world and with the increasing poverty was to literally prostitute for rich Arab foreigners, and after linking all of the above arguments with tens of others to the Syrian dictatorial presence in our country.

For once, i'm gonna think selfish,
we were never meant to change the region, so why the hell is it always happening in our country!
I hope that the entire lebanese people will get together on the project of building this country,
When i meant entire, i'm implying both the Maronites & the Shiaa, the Druze and the Sunni, the Orthodox and the Armenians, the Catholics and the Protestants, and the remaining 10 religions that this small country harbors.

And as Dale Carnegie once said, today is tomorrow you worried about yesterday!


very nice point of view indeed, thanks for moe for sharing this with us!

so i'd say the 'who' question needs no further explanations...

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