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February 17, 2005



Just to get in on the list..
For a Saudi Arabian programming blogger.

Abiola Lapite

He seems knowledgeable enough about technical issues, but he doesn't seem to talk much about Saudi life, though, not that I can entirely blame him, given the dangers of talking too freely about "political" matters in that country.

lebanese guy

Yeah I remember reading reports about tunisian bloggers being beaten up because of their political views. I also know that the internet is censored in saudi arabia, so bloggers over there may not be very encline to talk politics. And forget syria.
As for the other countries, well I guess the blogging culture hasen't gotten there yet. But you're talking a year and a half! I'm sure things has changed. I have searched google for "egyptian blog" and got 422 hits!


see lebanese blogger forum

peace out,

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