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January 08, 2005


Kevin Donoghue

Maybe "loitering youfs" move on because they hate the sound of Mozart? I know I get my shopping done faster in December because I have to get away from those disco versions of Christmas carols they pipe into the supermarket.


I think Kevin is right - you may have misunderstood the way this Mozart repulsion works. It's supposed to be annoying, not soothing. Anyway, from the excerpt, it looks like it's not so much wishful thinking as something they've hit upon that, weirdly enough, actually works. (You're right that the Mozart-IQ connection is bunk though.)

Abiola Lapite

The precise mechanism isn't all that important - the key thing is that kids will eventualy get used to this "annoying" music, just as people can get used to almost anything right up to the sight and smell of decomposing corpses. It may "work" for the moment, but its effectiveness is guaranteed to disappear as the novelty wears off.

chris w

They did that in the decaying downtown mall area in Eugene, Oregon before they finally put a street through it. The local newspaper interviewed the local street kids, and one girl responded that she didn't mind at all and that her pet rat enjoyed the music.


A problem with these kind of systems is that they annoy _anyone_ who dislikes the music, even legitimate customers. I have to say that I are quite annoyed by it, hmm maybe if they played some Aphex Twin. (but that would scare away all the other customers :)


Stores will often have tried dozends of ways to prevent youths and other people to hang around their buildings and potentially cause mischief. Trying music is pretty cheap and may be effective, even if it is only for a short period. By that time, they'll just hope there's something new to try.


There's nothing new about this. I remember a 7-11 in my hometown using light baroque to get rid of adolescent loiterers a decade-and-a-half ago. It worked in the sense that the place became uncool to hang around, but the store is no longer in business.

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