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January 13, 2005


Mrs Tilton

The word 'Bonze' has its origin in a term for Buddhist monks, but in modern German slang ('modern' in the broad sense; as *contemporary* German slang it is, I think, a bit antiquated, and I have only ever seen it used for comic effect) you might translate 'Bonzen' as 'fat cats' (esp. if used of the business elite), 'bosses' (of trades unionists), perhaps 'grand poobahs' or something along those lines (if used of bureaucrats).


Oh, I'm sure the admiration was reciprocated. I vaguely remember a quotation from Stalin somewhere in Robert Conquest where he speaks admiringly of the Night of the Long Knives ("Hitler! What a lad!" or words to that effect). Earlier, Lenin and Trotsky had expressed their admiration for Mussolini's fascist coup, with Trotsky (according to Gorky) referring to him as "our best pupil".


Abiola, all is true, but that was 70 - 80 years ago. Nazism is gone (so I hope) and communists are no more revolutionaries.

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