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December 08, 2004


Abiola Lapite

"Many a dictator have they aided..."

And who hasn't?

Randy McDonald

The Lebanese diaspora is huge. Bizarrely enough, my native Canadian province of Prince Edward Island, as close to ethnically homogeneous as you can find in English Canada, was the first to elect a premier of non-European descent, Joseph Ghiz of Lebanese background.

Friedman, in _From Here to Jerusalem_, concluded that even without the Palestinian mini-state Lebanon could never have established ties with Israel for the simple reason that to do so would be to destroy its position as a neutral Arab entrepôt. More's the pity.

Randy McDonald


When people refer to diasporas as inherently criminal, I become suspicious of the speakers' motives.

Abiola Lapite


Thank you. I'd been meaning to call "Temporary" on that bullshit claim since yesterday. Frankly, the misuse of the term "moral equivalency" in slandering an entire people as criminals is deeply insulting, and to hear him/her go on, one would think that Abacha didn't require the help of countless numbers of European and American aides to dig that oil, sell it, and siphon the loot off to Switzerland, or the help of innumerable willing stooges of Nigerian origin to carry out his orders.

It's always easier for a certain sort of individual to blame a foreign minority for all his country's woes, and as far as I'm concerned, this substance-free blanket accusation is nothing more than the old "the Jews are fleecing the goyim" dressed up with a new target. If "Temporary" thinks I'm going to entertain such conspiratorial racist rubbish on here, s/he is very much mistaken.

Abiola Lapite


My patience with your nonsense is wearing thin indeed. To your claim that

"The Lebanese diaspora [from my experience in Nigeria] is mostly engaged in criminal activity. Are they the only ones? No. But they are prominent, recalcitrant and a sore on the system"

I say, either back up your assertion with hard evidence, or keep such views to yourself from hereon out. I simply will not tolerate such cheap racist (yes, racist) stereotyping on my personal property - which is just what this blog is - and I highly suggest that either you abide by the terms I set out or you find somewhere else to express your opinions, as my position is non-negotiable. Finally, I'd advise you to keep your mouth shut about what I do or don't personally know about the Lebanese diaspora, rather than making assumptions that reveal you to be nothing more than a loud-mouthed bigot.

Abiola Lapite

That's it, I've had enough of your nonsense. Get lost, and don't even think of coming back.

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