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November 16, 2004


Frank McGahon

why don't they just buy the damn buildings themselves?

I thoroughly agree with you. I am an architect and I am grateful that many great works of architecture have been preserved. I am also grateful that the Catalan regional government found a few pesetas to reconstruct one of my favourite buildings, Pabellon Mies (known outside Barcelona as the Barcelona pavilion). But: I recognise that I am to a significant extent freeloading on the owners of such properties and don't claim any "right" to force them to maintain them for my benefit. It is the height of ingratitude and arrogance to assert some sort of public ownership of such properties.

As for the merits of Corb and FLW. I am much more of a Corb man. Despite his rhetoric (actually form follow function was more of a Bahaus axiom, Corb's idea was that a house was a "machine for living" which doesn't preclude aesthetic concerns) Corb had a very keen interest in the aesthetic outcome, perhaps an overriding interest. You may not find his style pleasing but it wasn't the accidental outcome of a functionalist design.

dog of flanders

why don't they just buy the damn buildings themselves?
Because... because... that's what a libertarian would say, so it can't be right!

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