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November 28, 2004


Phil Hunt

This is a monstrous travesty of justice, and no country in which courts pass such judgements should be thought worthy of membership in any collection of nation states which consider themselves civilized.

That's why EU membership fro Turkey, if it happens, is likely to be after a longish period of time when they get to clean up their act and show they've really changed.


Well, in Turkey:
1) Kurds cannot teach in their language
2) Kurds cannot broadcast (tv or radio) in their language.

Granted, this does not rise to the level of "gassing the Kurds" but one can understand why Turkey did not want American troops going through Kurdistan into Iraq. They might have officially discovered atrocities that would rather remain officially unknown.
It's sort of like the genocide of the Armenians, only slower.

Pearsall Helms

Speaking of the Armenian Genocide, the Turks recently introduced a new law so that anyone in Turkey who describes the events of 1915 as genocide can be thrown in prison for up to ten years. Amazing.

Abiola Lapite


Thanks for the information. The following excerpt is pretty breathtaking:"a new penal code adopted by the Turkish Government late last month that would punish Turkish citizens or groups with up to ten years in prison if they confirm the fact of the Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Turkey or call for the end of the Turkish occupation of Northern Cyprus"Now that is just downright scary! A country like this has no business agitating for membership in a union whose norms it isn't yet willing or able to abide by.


The Turks, as of now, have no business in the EU with such a horrendous human rights record.

Which then throws a whole new light on what business Dubya has running around telling the EU who should be admitted and who shouldnt.

That The United States Establishment, in light of the conditions, could call for Turkeys admission into the EU is downright disgraceful.

Just shows how lopsided these Rightists are when applying their principles in real world situation.

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