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September 08, 2004



is this for real?

Abiola Lapite

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Yup, I haven't been able to post on the Blogspot address for going on 18 hours now, and the lack of a response to my support queries has proven to be the last straw.

NB - I'm signing this message so you can verify that it's me who's writing this. I don't plan on doing so on my own blog going forward!

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ok, switching links.


btw, if typepad doesn't work for you, i use a gnxp bare-bones host for my site.

pay $9/month for 1 GIG of space and 40 GIG of bandwidth. no root privs :( but gives me more control.

Mrs Tilton

Ah, welcome to the world of TypePad (or, Movable Type for Involuntary Luddites). Mention to the management that I persuaded you to sign on, would you; perhaps they'll send me a T-shirt in gratitude. (Blogger promised me a hoodie because I gave them money for the 'Pro' service only to see it become free-of-charge shortly thereafter, when Pyra hooked up with its sugardaddy. They even sent me the thing, after many months' delay! Of course, when I wear it, I need to explain painstakingly that I don't in fact use Blogger anymore. Well, no, in fact I don't; out there in the Analog Interface, most people have no idea what a blog is, let alone Blogger.)

Importing your Haloscan comments might prove to be an ugly and difficult task, I fear. I gave a half-moment's thought to bringing over the Enetations comments from the old T6I. I asked TypePad whether and how this might be done. They said, in essence: 'Well, sure, anybody with a bit of a clue about this sort of thing could whip up something to do it; you, on the other hand, haven't a chance, you pathetic computer-ignorant loser you.' Thing is, their remarks were entirely just. You should be able to import the actual posts very easily, though.

While you're at it, any chance youi'll use the old site's design template? I found it quite pleasing to the eye.

Abiola Lapite

"While you're at it, any chance youi'll use the old site's design template? I found it quite pleasing to the eye."

Actually, one reason why I suspect even the move to TypePad will be temporary is that even a TypePad Plus subscription doesn't give one raw access to the underlying HTML, so I can't simply rip out the template provided and substitute the old one, while the cost of a TypePad Pro subscription is far too high when one takes into account just how cheaply more storage space and higher bandwidth limits can be had elsewhere. Depending on how my ongoing efforts to set up an independent installation pan out, I may well end up moving the blog to a website under my full control by next week.

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