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May 04, 2008


Andrew Reeves

The Wright business is something of a tempest in a chamber pot. As for your last paragraph, how worrisome in the end would you really find Obama's economic policies? From what I've read, most of his economic advisers are (small-l) liberals; I don't think that there are any full-on social democratic types in his staff save for at the lower levels.

Even his universal health care plan seems more of an attempt at a kludge to reach those folks who make too much to qualify for Medicaid and don't work enough hours for or simply can't afford health insurance. Which, when balanced against bringing taxes up to an extent that the federal government can get back in the black, seems like a worthwhile trade-off.


If I knew that a Republican-controlled Congress would be there to act as a brake on Obama's plans, I'd have no hesitations about supporting him. Unfortunately, the reality is a Nancy Pelosi-led, Democrat-dominated House, with no prospect of this changing in the near or medium term. Even if you're right that Obama's advisors aren't that left-wing, in the end it's Congress that makes the laws, and given the importance of the party's activist grasssroots to his campaign, there's no way Obama is going to say no to even the most ambitious Congressional proposals that may land on his desk.


Also don't forget about the importance of the filibuster in the Senate - it seems pretty unlikely that the Democrats will get 60 seats in the Senate, so a President Obama would still have to find policies palatable to Senate Republicans.

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