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September 29, 2004


Mrs Tilton

Re: 'space provides freedom' (and as long as we're talking about science-fiction), you might check out Ken MacLeod's The Star Fraction (the first volume in what Henry Farrell calls MacLeod's 'Trots in Space' tetrology).

Abiola Lapite

"Trots in Space?" The idea seems so wierd that I'm intrigued enough to wish to know more. I'll go look for the book later today.


This is a complete misrepresentation of the party. The majority of Libertarians don't give a crap about space travel or space technology. The point is that our tax dollars should not be spent on it... plain and simple. This is one opinion of one person in one party. Blind attacks on a complete party as opposed to an individual are the building blocks of the recent self-destruction of the Democrats. It is and will continue to be a beautiful thing to watch. When are Democrats going to wake up and start caring about the country rather than their political prowess.

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